We wish that we could just give you a straight cost. Unfortunately, without seeing your exact property we cannot do that. But we are willing to come out and give you a free quote. Even though we are more high tech than most lawn mowing services, we do still pride ourselves on having very competitive pricing. On top of our already competitive pricing we also offer different discounts.

  • * Referral discounts – We will take off $5/service appointment for up to 5 people you refer that we take on. (For a 12 month period as your referral stays with us.)
  • **Neighbor discounts – If we service 2-3 ***neighbors each neighbor gets a 5%. If we service 4 or more neighbors there will be a 10% discount
  • ****Military discounts – First, Enviro Mowers would like to say Semper Fidelis and thanks to all our fellow Military veterans. We want to give all veterans a 5% military discount that CAN BE USED” in conjunction with all other discounts.
  • **** First Responder discounts(law enforcement, fire department & paramedics) For those that put others well being above there own we want to give you a 5% discount that CAN BE USED” in conjunction with all other discounts.


* up to a maximum of $60 or 50% off your monthly bill, which ever one is lower (if a referral is more than 15 minutes away from any of our other customers we will not be able to give the referral discount.)
** up to a maximum of $50 per customer. Unless otherwise stated cannot be use in conjunction with other discounts. 
*** neighbors are defined as being able to park our truck in one central location and easily walking between homes.
**** when combining discounts there is a maximum of a 15% discount. Also this discount is for residential customers only. Proof of being a veteran/first responder is necessary.  For commercial properties please call and inquire.

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